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Connection search regex

Have you considered allowing a regex-based search for the connection search filter? 

Whilst clearly not essential, sometimes I find I want to work with a subset of available connections and their current connection names have no common elements.

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This would be SUCH a helpful feature for me.  For example, something happens with an application server cluster.  I need to access the servers behind that cluster and the load balancer in front of it.  

Current state:

  • When I connect to the load balancer, search for `lb` and connect.
  • When I connect to the application servers, search for `cf`, and `ap`, and `cms`, because those are server names of affected application.  These are 3 separate searches
  • If I have too many servers open and I get lost, I have to run that search all over again.

Desired state:
  • Enter a single search for `^(lb|cf|ap|cms)`, which brings up all the servers I need to access
  • Since I have a filtered list of only the servers I need, I can just click away.  That's it.

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Yep, this would be very helpful in cutting down the clutter in the Navigation pane when working on a subset of connections

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