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Let SFTP connection use fingerprints stored in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

When using "connect using SFTP"(connect with options) to build an Ad hoc SFTP connection, no matter whether the fingerprint of the remote host is in ~/.ssh/known_hosts, Royal tsx alaways gives me a Certificate and Fingerprint Warning, which bothers me a bit.

So I suggest that make the SFTP connection use fingerprints stored in ~/.ssh/known_hosts just like the SSH connection, i.e. add the fingerprint to ~/.ssh/known_hosts when connecting to a new host and supress the Certificate and Fingerprint Warning when connecting to a known host whose fingerprint is already in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. In this way, Royal tsx will avoid giving useless warnings.

For me, I prefer using "connect using SFTP" to using a File Transfer object to build a SFTP connection. In contrast to the latter, the former can keep my navigation panel as concise as possible.

I sincerely hope that you will take my advice! Looking forward to your reply!

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That's something we'll definitely want to work on for the next major release.

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