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error message "Cannot read executable filename for process with id" using PuTTY plugin

Hi there,

I'm recently seeing the above mentioned error message when I'm trying to establish a connection via SSH using the PuTTY plugin. It shows different process IDs until it finally bails out after about 20 seconds and shows me with the Window Picker.

It is a fairly recent issue which has only started a couple of days ago.

Any ideas here?

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Restarted Royal in non-elevated mode. See screenshot from task manager. Not elevated and error message is present.


So there seems to be a permission problem though. Unless you start Royal TS elevated, you are not able to access process information of a child process started by Royal TS. I'm honestly not sure how this can happen on your system's. Maybe some policy? Is this a domain user logging on to a domain joined machine? Maybe you can try with a local user account?

This error comes both on a Business domain joined computer, and the one im using now, a private Win10 computer without any domain related settings. A standard login through a Microsoft account.

I too use a Microsoft account to log on to my machine but I can't repro the issue. Any other tool/software which comes to mind?

is it possible that you are starting putty out of a onedrive folder? 

Hi Krikkit,

check my response here:

A quick search with google showed that other users are also having issues running executables from OneDrive. I haven't found a solid answer or guide to enable that though. Some articles are quite old and I don't know if they still apply.

I am not running putty from onedrive, but I am opening the Royal TS document from onedrive. However I would think that should have no effect. Will test opening it locally later
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