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Command task failing operation canceled by the user


Just since yesterday I have started receiving the following error when attempting to launch a command task. The batch file it is calling has not been changed or modified since I started using it. I can execute the batch file outside of RoyalTS just fine. Below is the error I get when clicking on the command task within RoyalTS: "The operation was canceled by the user"

System info:

Win 10

RoyalTS Version: 4.3.60912

Thank you


I did a quick google search and it seems that some anti virus tools may interfere. Any chance you have something on your machine which could block an execution from other programs like Royal TS?


I realized I was pulling the script from my OneDrive folder. Apparently RoyalTS didn't like that any more or something changed on the OneDrive side. Moved the file to my local machine and all works now. 

I was thinking the same thing Stefan. Thanks for the help!

Glad you figured it out. OneDrive can be a pain sometimes...

have exactly the same issue with my portable apps in onedrive, when i start for example keepass directly as "external application" from onedrive i get the error stated above, if i start the same via the boxcryptor mount point (which is basically the same onedrive) it works... we have any chance to debug this, because this is quite annoying, because i have all my portable work tools in onedrive now... @koell: what debug logs would help to debug this...?

Hi Krikkit,

I'm afraid there's not much we can do from Royal TS in this case. All we do is a simple process start. If the OS blocks this, we can't see it or circumvent it. Maybe there's some kind of policy or setting somewhere for OneDrive to enable this. I'm not really a OneDrive user myself so I can't really tell.

Sorry I can't be more helpful here :(

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