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How do I prevent conflicted copies being created

Hi folks,

Couldn't see anything in support kb's (apologies if I missed it), but how do I prevent users accidentally creating conflicts? Can you elaborate on why conflicts are created (understanding this may solve the problem in the first place!).

For info, we store our documents on Dropbox with a local file on each persons machine containing the credentials which are referenced in the shared files. We don't have Royal TS server.


You're welcome! I missed to mention that you shouldn't see any of those conflicted files when you store the shared document on a file share. The worst thing which can happen here is that Royal TS tells you that it can't write the file right now because it is written by a different process/user and you usually just retry and it works.


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Hi Ashley,

when you use dropbox (or any cloud file provider), there's a delay when you save the file to the local disk until it is sync'ed up to the cloud (usually a couple of seconds - depending on the file size, of course). If during this time, a second computer also writes to the same file, you may see conflicts. From Royal TS' point of view, there's unfortunately nothing we can do about that but if it's the same user, who is writing the same file from different computers (desktop and notebook), it can be avoided by making sure that the file is sync'ed up to the cloud and down to the second computer before it is written on the second computer.

With Royal Server V2 (in beta as of this writing), you now can load/save/sync documents to the Royal Server. So in teams, that would be the best way to share a document without having any conflicts.

I hope I could answer your question. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much for your quick and in depth answer :) That all makes perfect sense and as I'm already tasked with getting a file server setup, I'll relocate the files there once it's built.



Superb, thank you very much :)

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