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Allow 1Password to be unlocked with Touch ID

When integrating RoyalTSX with 1Password, it requires the 1Password master password to be re-entered each time RoyalTSX starts up.

I have both 1Password and RoyalTSX individually set to open with Touch ID, given this, it makes sense to allow RoyalTSX to store my 1Password Master Password, then when I open RoyalTSX with Touch ID it automatically uses the stored Master Password to open 1Password.

I hope this makes sense..

Hi there,

we're happy to announce that the first beta of Royal TSX 5.0 is now available and includes this feature!

You can get the beta here:

Please let us know how it works for you!



Good news! We're planning on adding that feature in the next major version of Royal TSX.



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