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Open ad hoc tabs next to the original tab like in Safari

When working with multiple projects at once, you may have several kind of tabs opened for each project. For example, SSH, SFTP, and cPanel or some other web admin. For order, they best be in two groups. A dream wish would be to have new tabs open nearby other tabs from the same folder of the document. But at least, it would be nice to have ad hoc tabs open next to the original tab, and not several tabs away from it. Safari does it this way, when you open a link in a new tab, it opens it nearby the original tab, not in the very end. I think it's only natural to mimic that behaviour for TSX tabs, since it's on a Mac.

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Hi Michael,

we just implemented the part of your feature request that refers to ad hoc connections.

So, starting with the next Royal TSX V5 beta version, ad hoc connections will open next to their context connection.

The current build (which doesn't yet contain this feature!) is available here:



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