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Add Plugin's actions menu

It would seem organic and useful to have current plugin's available actions present in the system menu, not only as a right-click context menu. The system menu (could be a section in Actions) would change depending on the plugin currently in focus, and hopefully this would allow keyboard shortcuts to be assigned to plugin's actions via System Preferences, as they only acknowledge application menu items. If technically possible, this would be a nice feature.

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure I fully understand your request.

What exactly do you mean by "plugin's available actions"? If you refer to actions available for the currently selected tab, then that's what the "Tab" menu is for. Also I'm not sure what you mean by "system menu"?



Hello Felix,

I apologise for not making myself clear, I'm not entirely familiar with the require terminology. I mean making available somewhere in the application's menu all actions that the plugin allows you to perform via its context menu or internal toolbar, on the document it contains, or parts of it currently selected. 

Although Tab menu is already containing some tab-specific options or actions, it does not list all actions. For example, try opening the File Transfer plugin and right click on any remote file. You will see actions like Download, Open, Refresh - in the context menu, but the Tab menu has none of those.

You are correct, Tab menu would be best suited for the proposed feature than Actions menu.

Hi Michael,

well, it's true that not a lot of options are exposed in the "Tab" menu for file transfer connections. The reason for this is that the options available as context menus are highly, well, context specific. To display the correct available options we have to consider the currently focused panel as well as the selection inside the browser view. Exposing these options via the "Tab" menu could be confusing to the user as it's not entirely clear on which object the menu items would act.

Note however that you can still assign custom keyboard shortcuts to the context menu items. Check out the attached screenshot for reference.

Hope that clears things up and helps you set up Royal TSX the way you want.



Hello again, Felix,

I tested some more, and the keyboard shortcut got attached to the File Transfer's "Download..." context menu action, BUT it is not shown in the context menu. So it's sort of a bug I guess, but only visual. When I click on the "sandwich" menu in the toolbar, I can see the keyboard shortcut next to "Download..." command, and the shortcut actually works when pressed.

I suppose that previously I was not able to get this working because of another bug, which prevented from remote file being properly selected (the selection was greyed out, and not bright blue). That is why the shortcut did not work when pressed in my yesterday's testing. I thought it's how it should work, but probably I need to report this as a separate bug... I can't reproduce it, though.

I was even able to assign shortcuts for live editing files in BBEdit, using "Open With->BBEdit" menu name. I think some users might like this information, so I'm attaching a screenshot with the keyboard shortcuts settings to emulate Midnight Commander / ForkLift experience in the File Transfer plugin. It doesn't seem to affect other tabs, probably due to lack of same name menu items.

I'm afraid I am unable to replicate your screenshot locally. Please see the attached screenshot from my side. I am able to assign a keyboard shortcut to the application menu, but not to the context menu. Could it be you are using a different version of Mac OS or Royal TSX? Mine are, correspondingly, 10.14.6 (18G1012) and 4.2.1.

As for user's confusion, come on, any professional who has experience with a two panel file manager (which File Transfer has to mimic) would expect to have file operations in the application menu, bind to keyboard shortcuts, along with a few other handy features those applications provide. In your system it's an invaluable asset, lacking just a few items to completely replace an external file manager in a development environment.

Hi Michael,

glad you got it working!

I'm leaving the feature request open for now and will revisit it once time permits.



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