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System notification from File Transfer on live edit upload

The system notification "Successfully uploaded 'filename..." is not disappearing by itself, requiring a click on "Close" button, which is unusual and unnecessary. Very few notifications stick like that, I think it should go away after a few seconds.

Hi Michael,

whether or not the notification goes away automatically depends on the notification settings configured for the app in system preferences. There's a choice of "None", "Banners" (which hide automatically) and "Alerts". By default, Royal TSX configures itself with the "Alerts" preference. We do this, because there are various different kinds of notifications in Royal TSX and most of them should not be hidden/dismissed automatically.

In this particular case, I admit that it would make more sense for the notification to disappear automatically. So beginning with the next version of the file transfer plugin we will manually remove the notification after 5 seconds to mimic the "Banners" style behavior.

Hope that helps!




a new beta which includes this feature has just been released.

Please give it a try and let me know if it works as expected!



The notification disappears after 5 seconds. Thank you!

Perfect! Thx for letting me know!

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