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Support Copy-Paste between Host and Client + Client to Client

I would like to have the possibility to copy files via RDP connections from Host to Client and from Client to Client

The goal is to Cmd-C on my MacOS, then Ctrl-P in the remote RDP session and have the file in question transferred

Also, Ctrl-C in one RDP session and then Ctrl-P in another RDP session would be a great addition

Hi Steven,

as much as I would like to implement this feature, it's unfortunately not supported by FreeRDP on the Mac at the moment.

As soon as it's implemented in FreeRDP, we will immediately make sure you can use it in Royal TSX as well.



Is there any other alternative to freerdp in a mac (like using the MS remote desktop for mac) that would enable this feature?

Unfortunately that's not possible.

You can however use the drive redirection feature which lets you transfer files as well.

Hi Felix,

Is there any contact/group we could reach out to from FreeRDP to request this feature is ported from the Windows FreeRDP library to the MacOS version of it?

You can file feature requests on the FreeRDP Github page:


Let's hope this gets picked up

Hi Felix,

Seems xfreerdp is able to do Client to Host?

Is it possible for Royal TSX to use this library?

Hi Steven,

xfreerdp is based on X11 which is mostly used on Linux. Unfortunately the same APIs are not implemented for macOS so that's why we currently can't support this feature in Royal TSX.



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