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Broadcast just for Tabs in Window

 I have several diverging devices that i have opened at the same time in Royal tsx.

These devices and systems can be grouped like routers or internal routers and external routers or loadbalancer systems. I have opened these devices in one session in royal tsx.

It would be nice, if i group these devices to one window, that the broadcast function will only send the input to the tabs in one window e.g.

Royal TSX

|- Window 1

|   |- Tab1

|   |- Tab2


|- Window 2

|   |- Tab3

|   |- Tab4

|   |- Tab5

The Broadcast function should in such a constellation be activated per Window.

Example. If i activate Broadcast in Window 1, then the input should only be broadcasted to Tab1 and Tab2 and not to Tab3,4,5. Same with an broadcast taht was activated for Window 2 that should only forward to Tab3,4,5 and not to Tab1,2.

If in both Windows the broadcast is activated, these two broadcast domains should also be separated.

I think it would be the best to give a new option "Broadcast to Tabs in Window" alongside to the current option "Broadcast Input to all Terminal Sessions"

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