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USB Redirection

Can we please get RDP USB Redirection working, there doesn't seem to be a single Mac client that supports it so it would definitely be a selling point...

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Hi Matt,

as much as we'd love to support this, it depends on the FreeRDP OSS library to implement that feature for macOS. It's currently only supported on Linux AFAIK.

Please feel free to post a feature request in FreeRDP's issue tracker over at Github.



Does this still hold true (the limitation that USB redirection is limited to Linux only)? I looked through the open and closed issues, as well as the project's wiki, but I couldn't confirm it either way.


Hi Kristof,

unfortunately nothing has changed. For progress updates please subscribe to



Hi Felix,

the issue you have linked is for copying files via clipboard. Are you certain this is using the same FreeRDP code as USB device redirection? 

Hi Štefan,

you're right, I linked the wrong issue. Unfortunately the situation is the same for USB redirection on non-Linux platforms.



Is there a way to use the "usb4rdp" plugin for USB redirection with Royal TSX maybe?

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