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Move the Search field to the nav panel

Given that the Search field affects the contents of the Navigation Panel, I'd like to see it moved from the Toolbar. Ideally if would be pinned to the top of the Navigation panel.

Doing so would provide a visual and mental link between the two areas.

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Hi Matt,

keeping the search field in the toolbar has several benefits:

  • Its position is user customizable (if it fits your use case better you can move it to the very left edge of the toolbar).
  • It's discoverable because it's in the same position as search fields in most Mac apps.
  • It's available and usable even if the navigation panel is in autohide mode.

While some of the benefits can be reproduced even if the search field is placed next to the navigation panel, the user customizability is definitely lost which is not something I'm keen on giving up.



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