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Chrome Key Sequence not working since update


since Update 5.0.61428 Key Sequences are not working anymore on Web Page Connections (Chrome)


I think the web page does not get the focus since the key sequence will run outside of the web page and is changing stuff in the royal ts interface

2 people have this problem

I made a Video of the current behavior:

Thank you for the video, Patrick. Can you increase the first wait in the key sequence task to {WAIT:5000} - just for testing?

It did still not work like it was before the patches... but I was able to change the Key Sequence so that it now works...


{ENTER} had some strange behaviour... so I now Submit the form with SPACE on the Submit Button

Also I had the problem with one extra random Keystroke in front of theĀ $EffectivePassword$ so I added theĀ {BACKSPACE}... very strange but at least its now working...

That is weird. Anyone else is seeing this?

Any update on this? Build 61330 is the last working version - containing different bugs. The most annoying failure (non-working key sequences inside the Chrome plugin) are still part of all newer versions up to build 61707.

Hi Christian,

as mentioned here, I'm not able to repro the issue anymore. I've also published a new beta release just now here:

It ships with the most recent Chromium engine. Can you check if you are able to repro the issue with this version?


I still have the problem with the new Beta... sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't... but I found a workaround with the autofill plugin which works for our case... so i don't use key sequences anymore.

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