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Chrome Key Sequence not working since update


since Update 5.0.61428 Key Sequences are not working anymore on Web Page Connections (Chrome)


I think the web page does not get the focus since the key sequence will run outside of the web page and is changing stuff in the royal ts interface

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 Thanks, I can also confirm that all key sequences are working properly with version 5.02.60204 again!

Can also confirm that the recent version brings back the old proper behaviour. Thank you for the hard work to make this happen again.

Thanks for confirming! I hope this release is more stable with key sequence tasks.

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Resolved with v.5.2.60204 for me!

Just insert a couple of these before pass:  {BACKSPACE}...


Just a small update: I've contacted the vendor (Essential Object) and provided a repro project for them. They blame it on the Chromium Engine but one of their competitor's product works fine with the keyboard input. Essential Objects is working on integrating the V77 engine and since they are aware of the issue now (they are also aware that their competition's product works correctly), I assume they will look into it. If they don't, I can explore integrating the component of the other vendor. Unfortunately the performance and quality of that other component is not as good as Essential Object's. So replacing it wouldn't be an option and shipping the other component side-by-side will increase the download package size by... a lot. I also have to find out if I can even host two different chromium engines in one app.

Anyhow, let's wait for their next release and see what they come up with. I'm really sorry about that and I wish I can do something to fix it...

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After a update to 61114 nothing has changed for me.

I've tried to completely uninstall RoyalTS and install it from scratch the newest version. But again: Nothing has changed. Insted of pressing ENTER, the auto sequence task types SHIFT+TAB. And sometimes the password is entered wrong also.

Now, I'm back on v5.0 build 61330 again - the last working version (with some embedded windows bugs in case of using RVTools or Hyena).

I think its hard to reproduce because sometime it works, and sometime it doesn't... so I think it could also be some problem with other apps running, ssh tunnel speed, or something else...

The strange thing is - it's mostly started working all of a sudden, apart from the enter key which I can work around as you've mentioned above. I can't think of anything on the machine that has changed... I'll keep an eye on it.

Thanks for looking into this. I'm available to do a screen share if needed. Cheers

I've spent a couple of hours doing tests and research. While I still can't reliably reproduce what you are seeing, I sometimes get that the ENTER key is always not recognized from the key sequence task. I was able to workaround the issue using TABs to focus the log in button and then send a SPACE to hit the button.

During my research I also noticed a SO post here:

Selenium is used for web app testing and also allows to create test cases and send keyboard input. I'm more and more convinced that this is an issue deep down in Google's Chromium engine. I will do some more research. Maybe I find a workaround or a solution...

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I was able to reproduce this with the first public site I tried:


I also tried Spotify which works fine with the IE plugin.


With Chrome, the focus is lost before the key sequence begins. If I help it along by clicking inside the login box before the key sequence begins, the first two characters of the username are cut off. Tabs and Enter don't work, and the application menu opens

As far as I can tell, this seems to be an issue which only affects a subset of users (I also can't really reproduce the issue). Can you share the URLs of public pages you are seeing the autofill issues? Maybe I get some reliable repro case there. (If you want to share those URLs privately, feel free to open a support ticket).


I can confirm that the issue is still occurring with the latest v5 beta

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Hi everyone!

Can one of you confirm the issue is still occurring with the latest beta release:

A new chromium version has been included in the beta.



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