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Maintain folder structure when filtering the navigation panel

In an attempt to provide parity of features between RoyalTS and RoyalTSX, could filtering of the navigation panel be enhanced to maintain folder structure? In RoyalTS when I filter the navigation panel, my connections still show up in their respective folders/hierarchy. In RoyalTSx everything is flattened and it makes large documents harder to filter/navigate easily.

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Hi Ryan,

I think this a personal taste kind of thing.

I like that I can search for a server and have it instantly selected in the navigation panel and just hit ⌘+return to connect to it. Of course I also understand that if your naming strategy doesn't allow you to distinguish servers without also being able to see their parent folders that this doesn't quite work out.

So I think if we were to implement this it would have to be an option.



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I'm fine with this as an option. For further clarity, I use this more when I am not filtering by the name of the server, but by custom properties I've set on the servers.

I have groups of servers that may be shared for different uses or clients. I put those values into the custom properties field. I can then filter then entire navigation panel by searching with those values. When the folder structure is lost, I lose valuable organizational information for my connections that makes it much harder to identify servers. The names of the servers aren't always the distinguishing factor for me.

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This should be definitely added. You can make it optionally as ryan.flagler suggested.

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