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Subfolders for terminal session logging

In an attempt to provide parity of features between RoyalTS and RoyalTSX, could subfolders be added as an option for terminal session logs? Preferably via hostname and not connection name (or at least configurable). having all duplicated and ad-hoc sessions go into the same folder would be a request of this feature as well.

Hi Ryan,

this, again, is not a feature that iTerm2 provides at the moment so we can't unfortunately implement it.

Your best option here is to post a feature request in the iTerm2 Gitlab issue tracker:



I can manually set my logs to go to different folders. What I can't seem to do is utilize RoyalTS/x variables in that path. For example, $URI$ or $DESCRIPTION$. If there was a way to do this, it would solve the issue. I assume RoyalTSx is ultimately telling iTerm2 where to place the logs on each connection?

Hi Ryan,

a new beta that includes support for replacement tokens in the log path is now available.

You can get the beta here as usual:

Please let me know if this works for you after updating the app as well as the iTerm2 plugin.



This is working as expected! Thanks!

Perfect! Thx for letting me know!

Can I close this feature request or would you still like to see other improvements?

You can close this feature request, thanks again!

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