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Terminal Character Substitution

In an attempt to provide parity of features between RoyalTS and RoyalTSX, could terminal character substitution be added as a feature of RoyalTSX? Certain characters (mostly from Microsoft products) pose issues when pasted into terminal sessions. Long dashes, smart quotes, etc. RoyalTS has a feature to disabled these automatically with a simple toggle. These characters are more problematic than some because they are hard to distinguish from normal dashes and quotes, automatically changed in Microsoft products, and are not parsed the same as their standard equivalents in terminal sessions.

Hi Ryan,

the terminal plugin in Royal TSX is based on iTerm2. So we're tied to whatever features iTerm2 provides.

I'm not aware of such a feature in either iTerm2 or (or any terminal emulator on the Mac for that matter). Do you know of a terminal emulator on the Mac that supports something like this?

That being said you should be able to configure Triggers for the most common substitutions you would like to make.



I'm new to Mac so I don't currently know of a terminal that supports this. I know as far as Rebex in windows goes, I believe it was a feature Stefan requested of their developers and it was added. (It's been years though, so my memory could be fuzzy)

I'll play with the triggers and see if I can get it to accomplish the same functionality.

I was scouring iTerm2's GitLab page and came across the following.

"Advanced paste has a Convert Unicode Punctuation feature that does this"

You actually support the ability to open the Advanced Paste dialog box in an open terminal session. Is there any way to set or define advanced paste options to be the default for all paste actions?

Hi Ryan,

there's no such option and if memory serves me correct I don't think iTerm2 does support changing the defaults either.



I actually commented on a gitlab issue and they made a commit this morning.

So it seems this will come with iTerm 3.3 when it releases. I'll try to keep my eye on this and test once it releases.

Please keep us posted! If this is what you're looking for we'll ensure that the feature will be included in Royal TSX as well.

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