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Integrate with ScaleFT (zero trust, ephemeral certificate based authentication for ssh/rdp)

ScaleFT provides zero trust software for securing access to internal servers/services and does away with a traditional "VPN". This is backed by google (BeyondCORP) and other large organisations are moving to zero trust for their remote access requirements.

I would like to ScaleFT integrated with RoyalTSX. When installed, scaleft provides a small binary file "sft". sft.exe on windows etc.


to connect I would type :

sft ssh servername


sft rdp windowsbox

I hope this could be considered? I am more than happy to assist with anything I can do to help?


Hi Marcus,

I don't see any way to integrate ScaleFT into Royal TS/X as there doesn't seem to be an API or SDK available. At least I wasn't able to find anything in the links to the docs you provided.

Do you have some insights into how one can integrate ScaleFT into other apps?



Try this out.
/usr/local/bin/sft ssh $URI$ --via %YOUROKTAASASERVERHERE%

$URI$. ---------------------------------------> IP of Host

%YOUROKTAASASERVERHERE% ------> Hostname of Okta ASA Box

Your session should have the appropriate IP for Computer Name.  $Name$ works if you have your hostname in DNS.  


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