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Window layout options

It doesn't seem that Royal TSX 4.0 beta has the same window options as Royal TS; specifically:

1)  it would be tremendously useful if one could open multiple documents simultaneously. This would allow related terminal sessions/windows to be displayed together via split tabs, and switching between documents to see different "split tab groups" (e.g. four ssh sessions in one document, two remote desktops in another document) - also, making sure that each document can run in full screen mode.

2) Ability to split tabs horizontally, as in Royal TS - sometimes we need split tabs to compare long output lines in different ssh sessions.

Please consider adding these capabilities to Royal TSX.

Hi Pierre,

1) You can open multiple documents simultaneously. Just open a Finder window, select all the rtsz files that you want to open and double click them or drag them to Royal TSX' dock icon.

I'm not sure what you mean by "also, making sure that each document can run in full screen mode.", please elaborate.

2) The only supported split mode in Royal TSX V4 is vertical. We don't have short term plans to add horizontal split mode but it's likely that we'll add this in a future update.



Thanks for the prompt reply.

When I try to open two documents at the same time, I get the following message:


Note that I did not copy the document outside of TSX - I took my open document ("Lab setup") and did "Save As..." in TSX, saved it as "Lab setup other", then closed all open documents in TSX and tried to open "Lab setup" and "Lab setup other" simultaneously - leading to the error message you see.



Hi Pierre,

what that message means is that you tried to open two documents with the same ID which is not supported (save as basically just creates a copy of the document without touching any of its contents). If you want to duplicate all contents of a document and create new IDs for all contained objects in the process, you can create a new document in Royal TSX (File - New Document), then drag the objects that you want to duplicate to the new document while holding the option/alt key. This will ensure that the objects receive new IDs and the document itself, since it's a newly created one will have a unique ID as well.

Hope that helps!



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