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RoyalTSX MAC - Nested Secure Gateways and SOCKS proxy for Web

Secure Gateways shall:

- have an option to be nested so that I can define gateway B behind Gateway A

- option to specify which ports to forward

- use sessions defined in .ssh/config (currently I have a gateway B behind Gateway A and need to reach machines behind Gateway B - Gateway B has a reverse tunnel to Gatway B - currently I just create Terminal and call session defined in .ssh/config so RoyalTSX just organizes windows and creates session tree rather than use its own config)

WebKit doesn't support SOCKS proxy as far as I was reading on a forum - but maybe there is a way to spawn a new terminal just for a specific web session with a SOCKS gateway set "globally" (as env?) in this specific session.

Using lates 3.3.2

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we just released a Royal TS V6 for Windows beta release where you can test this feature (Royal TSX will soon follow):


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