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Run a Key Sequence on Selected Sessions in the Mac Client

The Mac version is missing a major and VERY useful feature the Windows client has.  In the Windows client you can run a key sequence against the connections you choose.  Not to be confused with the broadcast option but rather the more targeted method.

For example, if you connect to 10 SSH sessions and then pick a key sequence, the dashboard allows you to run that sequence against, one, three... any or all of the sessions that show in the dashboard.  It automatically moves through each session and runs the sequence before moving to the next session.  On the Mac you can only run the sequence on one session at a time and it requires it to be done manually.

It'd be nice to get this in the Mac version.  Maybe even expand it's functionality on both platforms so that it can act similarly to the broadcast option, just on the specifically selected sessions.

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That worked, thanks!

Are there plans to allow ad-hoc key sequences in that view, similar to the key-sequence broadcaster in RoyalTS?

Ryan, you should be able to do this already by context clicking the connections you would like to execute the key sequence against and selecting "Favorite Key Sequences - Ad hoc key sequence".

That does work Felix, however that window disappears every time you send a key sequence. I'm curious if there are plans to make a persistent input box like on RoyalTS where I can type and send a bunch of commands without losing the input box.

Hi Ryan, we have no plans to add that feature in the near future but please feel free to add a new feature request and we'll have a look once time permits. Cheers, Felix

This has now been rolled out in Royal TSX 4.1.

what happened to "Next, we'll work on bringing the dedicated key sequence task dashboard that the Windows version has to the Mac too" there seems to be a test of this in v4 beta but i'm using v5 and there is now a v6 beta. will this feature ever come to mac. the "integrated the "Favorite Key Sequences" menu into the "Actions" menu" doesn't do what the windows version says it does. i want to be able to pick the sessions i want the key sequences sent to, as i have open like 50 sessions and i only want to send commands to like 10 of them. 

Hi vinny,

this has been supported for a long time now.

Just select a Key Sequence Task in the navigation panel and switch to the dashboard tab. You'll get two separate views. The upper one shows all objects configured to use the key sequence task.

The lower panel shows all open connection and allows you to select multiple targets for the task to be executed on.

Another way to execute a key sequence task against multiple open connections at once is to use the overview. The overview supports multi-select and the context menu (right-click) will allow you to execute key sequence tasks against multiple selected connections.

Hope that helps!



i see. but both of these ways are not very efficient.

my commands are time sensitive. i cue video in another room on an audio or visual cue. and then i might need to cue multiple times after that within the next minute or so. and i can be managing 80-100 targets. and i can't lose which targets i'm supposed to be changing. i also don't have time to go back and highlight them all again if i happen to click off the key sequencer, either on purpose or by accident.

right clicking in overview and sending key sequences - once the amount of targets gets substantial, over 30, over 40, over 50, etc., this is slow to pick all the targets needed. and in my right click menu, i have 100s of commands. yes, both are doable but not quick and i lose this setup if i have to click on something else.

on the dashboard tab, i have to scroll through and pick each computer to highlight it - and i know this would need to happen if they were check boxes too. but it's done once. with the method now, if i have to check and see that the command executed in one of the tabs or do anything that needs to click off the key command, when i come back all the computers are unselected. so if i have to pick 70 computers, i have to do that all over again.

so yes, technically the mac version can kind of pick groups to send key sequences to, but it's not ideal. what you are describing for the mac, i cannot use in my time sensitive workflow.

if i was able to check boxes and know that they stay checked and be able to move around in royal and those settings hold and if there was a input window that i could paste commands into, to send to all the selected targets or just be able to type in a command. that would be exceptionally useful. and that seems to be what the pc version has.

royal is amazing software, but sending commands to groups on the mac is one of the places that it's lacking.

key sequence from dashboard has gotten worse in v6 for mac.

i was excited to see if the version 6.0 update improved sending key commands to a selected "group". so i went to the dashboard and tested with 4 remotes. i started with picking 2 of the 4 remotes to send a key command to, then as soon as i did it cleared the dashboard. so i have to pick all the computers again. every time.

this used to only happen if you clicked off the key command you were sending and clicked to see an opened a terminal, vnc or transfer. when you came back, all the remotes were deselected and you had to select your choices all over again. a lot of my days are managing 50+ remotes with some time sensitivity, so this not helpful, and kind of unusable.

i believe the above issue is happening because i was also testing the split tabs. so if you have the tabs of your remotes split and send your command to selected remotes from the dashboard the above happens.

so thinking that it would be helpful to split the tabs to see the remote terminals as well as the dashboard so you would be able to verify that your key commands were sent from the dashboard would be helpful. and it does that - once. then in the dashboard it clears all your work right after you send your command. then you have to start over, selecting remotes. and what i do requires me to have to send multiple commands within a minute or so and i don't have time to pick all the remotes again and get to the command to send.

i still think the windows version key sequence broadcast would be a better way to go. i don't know why the developers are so resistant to putting this feature in the mac version of royal. it seems like the solution that's needed and what we get in the mac is a partial work around. this dashboard key sequence sender cannot be used with any efficiency for anyone managing a large amount of computers.

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