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Add OTP support to credential object

Most of my Web management login's offer OTP support, which I prefer to use. At this moment the credential object doesn't support OTP and generating OTP's for Auto Fill.

So, I would love to request support for this, preferably also with 1Password credential objects. I have all my otpauth:// OTP codes stored in 1P.

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Am I the only one using OTP codes to secure logins here? :-)

Something like this:


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I have many web connections in my document file which i have secured with OTP's. Right now i need to open my password manager (SafeInCloud, i really recommend it!) and copy the OTP from there to the opened web connection. It would be a huge improvement if the login into web connections via RoyalTS alone would be possible!

I use 1Password with Royal TSX. I too would really like OTP support.

We use OTP for RDP connections. It would be a huge help if we could store OTP with the credential. It would even be a big help if I could just indicate that a credential requires an OTP so I'm prompted to input it manually.

As it is right now, because there's no prompt for it, I have to stick it on the end of my username which means I can't really use credential objects at all for RDP.

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I would love to see this feature, but on Windows (as that's my platform)

Personally, I think that it should be in its own Tab, like the way that Private Keys are set.

We just implemented OTP for RDP connections too. Defintely a step forward in security, but a big step backward in how Royal TS can be used. It would be awesome to see real OTP in Royal. Everything everywhere is moving in the OTP requirement direction.

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Hi everyone,

due to high demand, I'm trying to gather information here, since we're currently looking into supporting further OTP/MFA functionalities within our products.

May I ask everyone which products you are using and how these are configured, so we can do some tests and figure out how to better support these tools?

Thanks & best regards,


I have OTP saved in 1password for all websites so OTP injection would be helpful.
We are using AuthLite, but it supports using the QR code style OTP that can be used with Google Authenticator style apps for TOTP or NOTP using a yubikey.

Privately i'm using "SafeInCloud", but that would not be my primarily use case scenario. I think it would be a good thing if you support "KeePass" with the TIMEOTP-Placeholder ( and maybe "Bitwarden". 

But i would recommend to implement something that is similar to the KeePass placeholder thing. That way we can set our OTP's in the credential object of the corresponding connection without the need of an external password manager. The screenshot that Stephan "photoshopped" above would be my prefered solution :)

we want to migrated from RDM by Devolutions, they had OTP generated with their product, which we like to see at Royal TS / Server Documents.

Store username and the secret to a credential and generate the MFA-Code by request

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