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Feature Request: List all "Weak Passwords"

It would be great to see the addition of a new feature: the ability to run a security check which will report all "weak" passwords stored in Royal TS. It already has the "weak" detector built in when adding a credentials, but it's a one-at-a-time.

LastPass has a similar feature and it is super useful because you can, in a matter of seconds, know which ones to go in and change.

Hi Royal Apps, 

this feature would be very nice. I need that feature too. We want to be safe and use strong passwords. At the moment I don't have the possibility to see all "weak" credentials with one click.

Best regards


Hi there,

Royal TSX 6.0 now has a "Password Analyzer" feature.

You can find it in the "View" menu.

Hope that helps!



Hi Felix Deimel,

thank you for implement this feature! Is this feature also available for the windows version of Royal TS 6.x?

Best regards


Hi Daniel, it is available in Royal TS V7. Cheers, Felix

Hi Felix,

we have now updated to Royal TS 7 but I cannot find "Password Analyzer" in the view ribbon. See attachment.

How can I find it?

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

on Windows you find the password analyzer on the Date ribbon tab:


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