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Support RealVNC encrypted VNC sessions - default on Raspberry Pi

Please add support for encrypted RealVNC sessions. I use more than a few Raspberry Pis and having them in my Royal TSX would be extremely helpful.

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Doesn't this require a special license to have the vnc session encrypted?

RealVNC including the encrypted VNC is free of charge for non-commercial use.

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Plus a place to enter credentials for a license shouldn't be too hard. Our environment is almost completely RDP accessable but there are a few machines that can only be accessed via VNC and having to jump over to a different program is annoying. 

+1 from me. Just got similar issue having few RealVNC encrypted connections with no way to use my favourite app to access them.

I would also like this capability to be added, please.

+1 This would be really good for the Windows version as well. (Windows connecting to a Mac with less config required) 


+1 I'd say it's a mandatory "feature" today, if not please remove VNC as a module - It's misleading.  TX

+1 we run into the same issue with the Pi's we cannot manage from the same app we manage all other rdp sessions. This would be a great addition. If we install the RealVNC client is there not a way to allow selection of the client for connectivity. Like we can choose apple or chicken? would this not resolve the issue and allow the end user to manage the installation and registering of the RealVNC client?


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I would also like to be able to use the default RealVNC server on the Pi's from RTS.

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