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Support RealVNC encrypted VNC sessions - default on Raspberry Pi

Please add support for encrypted RealVNC sessions. I use more than a few Raspberry Pis and having them in my Royal TSX would be extremely helpful.

(21.5 KB)

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Doesn't this require a special license to have the vnc session encrypted?

RealVNC including the encrypted VNC is free of charge for non-commercial use.

Plus a place to enter credentials for a license shouldn't be too hard. Our environment is almost completely RDP accessable but there are a few machines that can only be accessed via VNC and having to jump over to a different program is annoying. 

+1 from me. Just got similar issue having few RealVNC encrypted connections with no way to use my favourite app to access them.

I would also like this capability to be added, please.

+1 This would be really good for the Windows version as well. (Windows connecting to a Mac with less config required) 


+1 I'd say it's a mandatory "feature" today, if not please remove VNC as a module - It's misleading.  TX

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