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Free VMware Hypervisor support

VMware ESXi is now supported, but TSX only can list VMs deployed on the free VMware Hypervisor and show their status (on/off). It can't control them or apply any changes.

Basic controls (start/suspend/shutdown) of those VMs would be great.

Posting the response from the Royal team:

"We are not able to implement support for VMware's free Hypervisor, because VMware restricts certain API actions - we're not making this limitation, and we're also not able to bypass this. Such limitations also apply to well-known backup solutions like Veeam. There's unfortunately nothing we can do against. To be more specific: When running with a free ESXi license the API is only read-only and therefor it is not possible to request the required Remote Console API Tokens to establish a console connection and such stuff. Read more about here:"

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This is fine. ESXi 6.7+ come with a new HTML5 web interface anyway that is way better than the standalone client. 

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