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a connection, several tabs

 As a system administrator there are numerous occasions when I need to have several tabs open on the same server simultaneously (htop, iotop, rsyncs, df, ... etc).

Currently I duplicate the connection as many times as it is necessary and then delete (for cleaning), it would be much more comfortable if there was the option to generate a new tab on the site or even generate a new double click how most managers this type.

I would appreciate, if possible, if it could be implemented for future versions as it is now a bit tedious and still manages certain connections with my previous software manager.

Thanks greetings.

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Hi Alberto,

all of this is already supported.

From the navigation panel, control/right-click the connection, select "Connect with Options - Connect Ad Hoc" instead of "Connect" if the connection is already open.

You can also do this from the "Tab" menu if the connection you'd like to duplicate is currently selected in the tab bar. Just go to "Tab - Connect Ad Hoc (Duplicate Tab)".

And last but not least, if you want to duplicate a connection upon double clicking it's tab, go to "Preferences - Behavior" and set "Tabs" to "Ad Hoc".

Hope that helps!



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