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Automatic tab sync name

I often ssh into multiple machines from the same terminal window to troubleshoot issues across multiple servers. It's often confusing to find which tab is on which server because the tabs are named based on the first server on which I connected. I would like the name to be synched to the server name (the name that is shown at the beginning of the terminal input line, ie. SERVER01> ).

I tried to find other similar requests or info on how to do it but I couldn't find anything. I'm using the terminal plugin.

I'm using the Terminal (based on iTerm2) plugin.

Hi Jean-Dominic,

while we can't provide support for parsing the terminal's output and look for prompts, we will support a feature of iTerm2 in the next major release that should help in your scenario.

To be specific, the feature "Terminal may set tab title" will come to Royal TSX and, when enabled, change the tab title based on requests coming from applications running inside the terminal.



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Hi there,

I'm happy to report that Royal TSX 4.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TSX 4.0, please head over to our major upgrade landing page.



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