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Hop using password and then remote private key


This is something I have been doing in other products and that I didn't manage to do in Royal TSX now that I'm using a mac.

I need to access a server via an hopper. My connection to this hopper can only be established using a password, which I configured as a secure gateway. Once I am logged in this hopper, I can access my server by using the private key of my user on the hopper. In fact, the other machine do not allow password authentication so I have to use the private key.

I don't want to export the private key of the hopper and import it in Royal TSX. I want to give the password I use on the secure gateway to royal tsx, but then I want it to use the private key available in my user on the secure gateway to log on the final destination.

I'm sorry if there is a way to do it right now that I don't know, but I didn't find it (for either the terminal or file transfer plugins.

Thank you

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Hi Jean-Dominic,

I'm not sure what you're after would be possible with our current architecture around Secure Gateways/SSH Tunnels.

Could you please let me know how you set this up in other products?



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