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split current tabs and colorise like iterm2?

I can see the the TSX plugin is item2, however we cannot use any of the features that make iterm2 great. i.e:

  • broadcasting
  • split and┬ástacking tabs
  • colorising input
is it possible to make iterm 2 features available inside royal tax?

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Totally agree with this. I use the split screen function almost all the time in iTerm2

Hi there,

  • Broadcasting: This is already supported. With any terminal connection tab selected, go to "Tab - Broadcast Input to all Terminal Sessions".
  • Colorising Input: I'm not sure if you're referring to the "Highlight Text" action of iTerm triggers but if you do, that's supported as well. Just see the "Triggers" section of your terminal connection's properties.
  • Splitting tabs: This will be one of the major new features in Royal TSX V4 which is to be released later this year. Note that this will work with all connection types, not only terminal connections.

Hope that helps!


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With the colorising, iterm can colour schemes to highlight text in different colours like the website here provides. this colorises your terminal window and makes reading output easier then seeing everything black and white

Iterm Themes - Color Schemes and Themes for Iterm2

@McWill: You can already import and use color schemes for iTerm. To do so, open the properties of your terminal connection, switch to the "Colors" section and select "Load Presets... - Import...".



Hi everyone,

The first beta with support for splitting tabs is now available!

You can get the beta here:



Hi there,

I'm happy to report that Royal TSX 4.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TSX 4.0, please head over to our major upgrade landing page.



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