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Subnet scanning

I would love to be able to set "Auto-add" properties, and specify:

one or more CIDR subnets or IP ranges;

an exclusions list, for IP Addresses I know I want to ignore;

one or more protocols;

a credential for each protocol;

A target RTSZ file and folder;

Any other options one might want to set during an Add;

A schedule.

Then Royal TSX (or TS) will go and probe the subnet, attempt to access any machine it doesn't already know about, and if it successfully authenticates, add the machines to the target folder and highlight them as NEW.

Hi Alan,

while we don't have a subnet scanning feature at the moment, I'd like to point you to our "Bonjour" integration.

Services that announce their availability through Bonjour can be accessed via the Bonjour dropdown which is located on the very left of the main window's toolbar by default.



Hi Alan,

in Royal TSX V4 we have a new feature called "Dynamic Folders" which basically allows you to add objects to a folder automatically by writing a script that produces JSON output.

We have several samples available in our toolbox Github repository. Among those is a port scan sample written using Python.

Hope that helps!



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