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Keep disconnected tabs, or show some notification when close them

Problem: When user has few open tabs (RDP in my case) and connectivity get broken for some reason (network issues, laptop goes to sleep) RTS quietly closes all tabs.

It causes some difficulties as user has to restore working context, remember which server were connected.

Desired behavior:

1) User connects to few servers in few tabs

2) Network got disconnected (turn off wifi to test)

3) Tabs stay in place, display 'disconnected' icon overlay, provide an option(button) to reconnect; or reconnect automatically when network is back

Actual behavior:

1) User connects to few servers in few tabs

2) Network got disconnected (turn off wifi to test)

3) All tabs quietly disappear without any notification, user has to remember list of servers to connect back

They used to have this option, i was looking for it right now. I dont know why they have removed it...

"Keep tabs open when.."


@Robert: That's the documentation for Royal TS (for Windows). Royal TSX (for macOS) doesn't currently have that option.

@Felix Is there any plans to implement it?

@Dmitriy: That's something we're looking into for V4 but I can't promise anything at the moment.

@Felix, is there any roadmap/ETA for V4? :)

@Dmitriy: No ETA just yet. We hope to have a public beta ready by summer but I can't promise anything at this point. But please rest assured we're working as hard as possible to get this out to you as soon as possible.

The idea has been marked as In Progress


@Dmitriy: hmmmm, did something went wrong when posting this? ;)

@felix: emoji support? :)

Hi there,

I'm happy to report that Royal TSX 4.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TSX 4.0, please head over to our major upgrade landing page.



Thank you! Will try it shortly :)

I'm running the latest version for Mac (4.1.2)  I don't see this setting, and my terminal tabs auto close, which means I lose the logs in terminal if the system disconnects, where is it in Mac version?  

Hi JD,

there are two distinct settings that are relevant to your question:

  • In the properties of your terminal connection: "Advanced - Session - Close tab when the session ends":
    • If you disable this, the tab and its content will remain open and visible even after the remote terminal session ends. This allows you to look at the history of the session after the connection is disconnected
  • Under "Preferences - Behavior - Connections - Keep remotely disconnected tabs open":
    • Enabling this will keep the connection tab open even after the connection has been disconnected but it doesn't (without the first option) retain the terminal output.

Hope that helps!



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