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Change "restart" wording after application/component update

This is a suggestion to consider changing the wording when prompting to restart when an application or component update is being installed. As is, it appears that the application wants to restart the computer, and not just the application itself. So instead of simply "Restart Now", perhaps change to "Restart Royal TSX Now". For a long time as a beginner user I thought it was going to restart my macbook, so I would always deny the restarts. I can't be the only one.

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Hi Dragan,

that string comes straight from the framework/library we use for updating the application: Sparkle.

This framework is used by thousands of Mac apps. It's basically a standard among Mac apps that are distributed outside the Mac App Store.

Since so many apps use the same interface and texts for updating, I think it's better to be consistent with other apps.



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