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Client name on RDP

FreeRDP sends along the hostname of the client computer when it connects. Unfortunately, macOS doesn't seem to set $HOSTNAME by default. When I connect, I usually end up with (what I presume is) the name of some other computer who used my IP last.

This shows up in the "Users" tab of Task Manager as well as the friendly name of any mounted drives in Windows Explorer: "Documents on $client_name"

If TSX could use the output of `scutil --get` for ComputerName or LocalHostName, I believe it would be better than $HOSTNAME or `hostname`. I got around this with `scutil --set HostName foo`, but it'd be nice to have the right value straight out of the box, so to speak.

Hi there,

I'm happy to report that Royal TSX 4.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TSX 4.0, please head over to our major upgrade landing page.



Hi Michael,

The first beta with support for this particular feature is now available!

You can get the beta here:



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Good news, Michael! This will be supported in the next major release.

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