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Search Results Grouped by Folder

I began utilizing RoyalTSX/RoyalTS as a replacement of mRemoteNG.  I imported the configuration from mRemoteNG and everything worked great.  The issue I have is that when I search in RoyalTS, I see the folders associated with connection.  In RoyalTSX, I only see the connection.

The reason for this idea is that when I utilized mRemoteNG it did not have the concept of a credentials object.  To facilitate utilizing an account for multiple servers, I used a folder structure that inherited the account information from the folder.  I also used different logins on the hosts depending on the actions I was taking.  As such, the same host could be displayed multiple times in the document, but would used different accounts based on folder structure.  When I use RoyalTS, I see that structure and can quickly determine the account being used.  In RoyalTSX, I do not see that information. 

It would be nice in RoyalTSX if you could enable/disable that ability to see the folder structure in the search results.  The same is also true of the Favorites view.

Thank you for considering this request.

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