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Start Royal TSX always in zoomed mode

When I change my output source (i.e. from MacBook to an external monitor) Royal TSX remember the last resolution used, so I need to oPt-click the expand button to expand to full resolution. What about a configuration option like “always start at full zoom”?

If you're referring to full screen mode, you can quit Royal TSX by opening the "Royal TSX" menu, holding down the option/alt key and selecting "Quit and Keep Windows". If you do this while in full screen mode, Royal TSX will enter full screen mode automatically the next time you launch it.

Hello, the key option works great bud only works the first time you reopen.

After forgetting this when quiting the app it reopens in small window next time.

Hopefully this could be a option in future release ;-)

Thank you so mutch for this great application!!

Hi Gunther,

as far as I'm aware, all of Apple's applications work that way so we've adopted the same behavior so that it's consistent across the system.

If you know of any first party app that doesn't work that way, please let me know which one and we'll take a look.



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