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Intel AMT ?

Hi chaps Do we currently support Intel AMT for remote desktop on the Mac OS version of Royal TS?

Hi there,

we currently don't have any plans to add Intel AMT support.

However, since my understanding is that it's a web-based management interface you should have no trouble adding a web connection to Royal TSX which opens that management console.

Does that work for you?



Unfortunately the web based part does not offer KVM, you need an Intel AMT client application for that

Unfortunately we don't have any devices that ship with Intel AMT here to test with but I think Intel is actually using the VNC protocol for providing the KVM functionality. Have you tried connecting to your machine using VNC yet?

Also, please see the following page:

VNC alone isn't compatible, the VNC client needs to support AMT for KVM It's a feature missing in most, if not all, VNC clients on the Mac OS Thanks anyway

From Intel's docs I gather that by default they use TLS encryption which currently seems to only be supported by RealVNC. However, it seems to be possible to switch the AMT/KVM port to the default for VNC (5900) which disables TLS and should allow regular VNC clients, like Royal TSX to connect.

Please check the following two KB articles:

Also, here's an article that has step by step instructions for setting this up:

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