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Restrict use of Credentials

I would like the Royal TS/TSX application itself to be locked down so that users cannot store credentials in it.  Currently, RTSZ files can be put in "lockdown" mode, but a user could always just create a new RTSZ file.  We have a corporate policy that users should not be storing passwords outside of the enterprise password management solution, so being able to prevent users from adding Credentials in the application would be beneficial.  

For macOS, this should be done with a standard Configuration Profile as many other applications support

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We are in a similar situation here. Is there anything planned to restrict saving credentials? A registry eky that can be applied via AD Group Policy would be best for the Windows version.

We would like this feature, but for a slightly different use case / reason.

We want to set up a shared connection document and have every user use their own credential documents. We do not want the user to have the opportunity to accidentally save their passwords in the shared connection file, rather than using a credential, thereby leaking their own credentials.

Ideally for our use case, we would want the lockdown feature to be enhanced to stop people saving passwords in the Royal TS file.

A registry/group policy based solution would not work for us, because of how our environment is set up.

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