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Ad Hoc auto-complete

It would be nice if the Ad Hoc box in the toolbar would autocomplete based connections saved in the current document (including the connection type and any saved credentials. This is particularly helpful when running in full-screen (on a second display), so you don't have to mouse around to find the connection window.


instead of using the ad hoc field, which is strictly for ad hoc connections, please check out the "Documents" toolbar item. This drop down button features a search box and allows you to select items with the keyboard.



Hi Felix,

Thanks for this suggestion - I wasn't aware this feature existed!

Is there any way to invoke this with a keyboard shortcut, and then have the focus be the search box? I'm envisioning using it like "Spotlight", where you could connect to a server using only the keyboard.

Thanks very much,

Not at the moment, although we could add this in a future update.

If you don't have your navigation panel hidden, you can use the following sequence:

* Press Cmd+Shift+F to activate the main search field in the toolbar

* Start typing

* If the host you want to connect to shows up in the navigation panel, you can now press Tab to switch to the nav panel

* Here you can continue navigation using the Up/Down arrow keys

* Hit Cmd+Return/Enter to launch the connection

Thanks Felix. I have used the method you mention above in the past, but I most often use the app in full-screen mode on a dedicated second display, so I have the nav bar hidden most of the time.

I think adding a keyboard shortcut to the Documents toolbar button would be a great addition.

Thanks again for your time in responding to this.

Royal TSX is an awesome app!


I've just implemented this:

* The search field is now automatically activated when the toolbar item is clicked

* The toolbar item reacts to the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘D (Shift+Cmd+D)

This will be available in the next beta release.



Wow, that is fantastic!

I look forward to giving it a try in the next beta release. 

Thanks so much for your attention and responsiveness to this — extremely impressive!

You're very welcome! =)

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