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Fullscreen-Mode without the tab on top

It would be a great feature if you could use a mac-vnc-connection in fullscreen mode without the tab on the top, just like it would be the native screen

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Good news! This is now supported in the latest Royal TSX V3 beta which you can get here as always:

This feature is broken into multiple sub-features:

* All connection types can now be configured to open full screen or in an external window. You can set this up in the "Window Mode" properties of your connections.

* All connection types now support 'Connect with Options - Full Screen'

* And there's a new setting: 'Preferences - User Interface - Connection Tabs - Show Tab Bar in External Windows'

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Unchecking 'Show Tab Bar in External Windows' doesn't work.

Works fine for me! What exactly happens when you disable the setting and open a connection in a new window or full screen? A short video would definitely be helpful in figuring out what's wrong.



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