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UX help for mac version

I like the way this application works once the connections are set and the credentials are set, however the process of getting to that point is not a good experience. At first glance step one is to install the plug-ins, this process is fine due to licensing I know these cannot automatically be downloaded we need to fetch them, no worries that's fine. Second step create a document, wait what do you mean create a document, like a piece of paper, why would we be creating a piece of virtual paper this is an app that makes connections right? Ok whatever let's move on, ok why does my piece of paper have folders in it? In the physical realm this is not plausible, ok now I have made my connection, where is the check mark box to remember my password? Oh wait it's not there, why is it not there? Every other Remote Desktop like application has this feature ok well that's a shame how do I continue? Oh wait we have to create a piece of paper that has multiple folders in it, and a separate item that remembers my password called credentials. My question is why? I understand that this could be a good option for some that have multiple servers that have the same password. Let's look at that thought process for a moment Let's pretend we are in security 101 class. Does that sound like a good idea to perpetuate? Yes take 100 servers and make all the passwords the same! Wait nope bad idea. Even if I subscribed to this way of thinking why is it the only method in which a password can be remembered? When you attempt to connect while making your connection item, there should be a check mark box that asks for the password and if you would like to remember it. Making a second item specifically for credentials is quite literally twice the effort. The concept of creating a document as a container is also a silly idea, what if we created a connection group to keep multiple items in, or a drawer, or a bin, or binder something that implies you would put multiple folders in it. The first time I used this application it took me a very long time to figure out the concept of just saving a document, the fact that it says save and merge for a plain Dave is also a good example of verbiage not used elsewhere, what are we merging with when there is only one document being showed, got it yes that is just a save not a save and merge. As I stated before I appreciate how well the app works, but getting there means you have to learn insider terminology on the second step, why are we reinventing the wheel? Also I get the concept now, its not a good one but I get it. If you are not sure what I am talking about just ask someone who has not used this app before but has used other Remote Desktop clients before, set it up without guidance.
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