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Multi-Monitor Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections

I would be great to see a multi-monitor option like the native Microsoft Remote Desktop client has below.


Hi Royce,

we do offer multi-monitor support for RDP connections, there are some restrictions though.

First, your displays have to have the same scale factor (all retina, or all non-retina).

And you have to disable "Displays have separate Spaces" in the "Mission Control" system preferences.

If you can live with those restrictions, you can enable multi-monitor support in the "Window Mode" settings of your RDP connections.

First, select "Open connection in" -> "Full Screen", then set the "Display" to "All available Displays (Multi-Monitor)".



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While I am not a fan of disabling the "Displays have separate Spaces" option, I am still able to use multi-monitors. Are there any plans to have this support without modifying "Mission Control"?

Unfortunately not at the moment because this would require to basically re-write 90% of our RDP plugin which is a huge task.

Having to make the choice between separate display spaces and multiple RDP windows is not something that I find to be a practical solution. I appreciate that you've made multiple monitor support work (thank you!) but I'd like to ask you to put the RDP plugin rewrite into your queue so that we don't have to sacrifice OS functionality that affects our workflow in quite such a significant way.

I'm a big fan of Royal TSX and I hope to be able to use it for many years, but having to change my spaces choice and log off/on every time I want to use TSX is enough of a problem that I might need to look at alternatives.

Regards, Andrew.

5 months late, but my "solution" to this has been to run windows through VMware, which does support using all screens without toggling the separate spaces option, and using Royal TS (the windows version) through that. Hopefully that gives you a working solution.

Also late to the game. I love Royal TSX on my Mac, and spend a lot of time logged in to windows machines. Most of the time I don't need multiple monitors, as I only want to look at one screen, but there are a few machines where I need multiple monitors. It's extremely disappointing that the software that I paid for doesn't support this feature, whereas the completely free (and sufficiently functional) Microsoft Remote Desktop supports multiple monitors with no limitations.

Not a deal breaker, exactly, and obviously I'll just keep using MS Remote Desktop for those machines, but as I say, very disappointing.

Hey, apart from multi monitor support offered by Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections, one can also use tools like logmein, R-HUB rmeote support servers, Teamviewer etc. These are easy to use and does provide multi monitor support. 

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