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Save a RTSZ file to open with folders in consistent "state" (i.e. expanded or collapsed)

Environment #1 of 2 = RoyalTS v5.x

I am seeking a means to make an RTSZ file open with folders in the same "state" (i.e. expanded or collapsed) when I open the RTSZ file.

#1 Preferred Solution = Configure the RTSZ file (the file itself, NOT the application)

I would like to configure the RTSZ file (itself versus the application) so file always opens with folders collapsed

(that makes the setting 'portable' with the file)

#2 Adequate Alternative Solution = Configure RoyalTS (the app, NOT the file itself)

If "#1" is not possible in Royal TS v5.x... can I configure RoyalTS to always open every file with folder collapsed?


I have another environment running RoyalTS v7.x (the "v5.x" environment -including RTSZ files are completely totally 100% isolated from the "v7.x" environment)

In my RoyalTS v7.x enviroment:

--> Can this be saved in "v7.x" version RTSZ files?

Also: if you check the document's 'Folder State' setting in the 'User Specific Settings' (, a json file will be created to track the expansion state in %appdata%\code4ward\Settings\Documents. You could write a batch file which always deletes the json file before starting Royal TS.

Hi there,

can you please create your desired folder-state and afterward save the document via Ctrl + S to see if this resolves the issue for you?

Best regards,


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