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LastPass integration not working?

Since 2-3 days the LastPass integration is no longer working for me!
Do you have the same problem? (I have the same problem with Royal TSX)

Hi Luca,

we just tested the LastPass integration and it seems to work fine for us. Although we needed to confirm the "location" via email before the login worked. Maybe that's the issue on your side?


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the hints, my problem was a little different: apparently, LastPass was requiring an update of my 2FA but Royal TS (and TSX) cannot understand the LastPass return message, they just show again he login screen.

When I logged into LastPass via the standard LastPass browser extension the 2FA was not required (needed only once a month), but forcing a full new login the request to update the 2FA was returned and after the update, Royal TS (and TSX) are working again!



Glad to hear that.


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