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OpenID support

Can we add a feature to add OpenID support so we can integrate authentication with our IdP provider instead of using local Windows/AD user?

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In a similar application to RoyalTS that does use OpenID, what I've seen with OpenID integration is the OpenID login email matches to a local windows account with this relation. (OpenID email) <-> user_domain_com (local windows user)

I would like to see OpenID support in the authentication to the Royal Server, instead of using local windows or AD user. We have also found using AD users not reliable and Intermittent when saving Royal Server documents from our clients. 


Can you be more specific where you want to see OpenID/LDAP(S) support? Are you referring to Secure Gateway or a specific connection type?


This sounds like a good idea. I asked if there was a feature to support generic LDAP/LDAPS integration rather than Win AD. We are using an in house Open source OIDC and I suspect either solution would work for us.

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