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Royal Server: manage shared document by user them self

Now, I set up the server with document store and share to member with Active Directory integration (permission). But they can not secure their document by them self (mean can not set the password or encryption). No make sense to set it by Royal Admin because it may not secure, or can not change the password ...


- Have an option allow user to set the password/encrypt key for their documents which hosted in Royal Server.

Windows group "Royal Server Administrators" can hard reset above password (in case user forgot the password or some take control purpose)

- Backup password/keys to files

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I use the Royal Server to share and have a central point of access to all documents.

This means that I would also like to be able to change the encryption password to be sure to increase the security. In this case it's my fault that I have created a DB without a password.

But I had also the case in the past that a domain admin user discovered the password of a document that I want to keep unknown.... 

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