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RDP Screen Recording & Monitoring

One great feature to have would be RDP Screen Recording and monitoring (viewing).  Recording them and putting the recording on a file share, and for viewing, ideally allowing interaction (i.e. screen sharing type of thing), to allow assistance.

This would be extremely useful for utilizing Royal Server with vendors, allowing them remote but secure access.

I am not sure if/how this works with RDP directly, but there are other products out there that can do this (I am not sure if they use the RDP protocol directly, or if they install an agent etc.)

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Hi! It`s great idea! Now we use ObserveIT for Linux gateway and Netwrix User Video Record for Windows gateways.

I`d like to use Royal Server, but now RS haven`t screen recording. Could you include in road map this feature?


this is something we dont have on our roadmap. In general, we do not "look into" the Secure Gateway bytes. Whatever happens there is part of the underlying protocol and does not bother us (for security reasons).

Though I will note the mentioned products for our internal list of product ideas. 



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