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Handle support for server document in the RoyalTS filename parameter

I would like to open a Royal Server document with the filename parameter either in Powershell or at the command line.

This way I can open the document once I know the connection that allows access to it is connected.  (The VPN)



what do you want to achieve with this doc? Usually its opened in Royal TS/X and the user can then execute connections/tasks/etc



Apologies for the confusion.

From the Royal TS Client I would like to be able to load a server document from the command line a/o powershell.

Original email thread with support


we have several Command Line parameters (if interested see here:, but sadly we don't have any CLI support for opening Royal Server documents at the moment, sorry!

Can you please file a feature request in our public Ideas forum over at for "server:"-handle support for the filename parameter? Then I'm forwarding your request to our devs and they see what they can do. Thanks! :)

Patrik Kernstock
Royal Applications Support Ninja
code4ward GmbH
On Tue, 20 Mar at 6:02 PM , warthurton <> wrote:
Is there any way to open a RoalServer document without going File, then switch to open since it defaults to save, then clicking the pinned server document?

Restore last opened documents will work but if you cannot connect to the document you get an error and then it doesn't necessarily open the next time.

Perhaps I'm missing something easy but any help would be appreciated.



I am still not sure what you want to achieve.

As for the commandline, we ave several options here:

(including opening a file in an already running royalts instance)

Let me know if this helps,



I would like to open a RoyalServer document from the commandline.


RoyalTS.exe /RoyalServerDocument MyRoyalServer:MyRoyalServerDoc


Ah, now I got your suggestion. I was mistakenly thinking of our powershell support we have for Royal TS and Royal Server. 

We will check this internally - thanks for the suggestion!



Allowing Open-RoyalDocument to open the server document would also work.



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