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Extensive logging

I have a feature request regarding the logging.

It would be nice if further logging was available with the Royal TS server, so that you for example can use it as a logging aggregator for all clients.

This logging would help greatly with GDPR requirements as we need central logging which cannot be tampered with (unless access to the Royal TS server).

The logging should then include which user accessed which connection at what time so that tracabillity is good, for example "user dialect\tejo connected to server BananaServer via RDP at 14:00:00 16-03-2018"

Moreover if someone edits/unlocks the document this should also be logged into the Royal TS server.

Best regards


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we definitively have something like this on the list - at least for our own log messages (e.g. from all Royal TS/X clients).

When logging into a file or in the Windows Eventlog - is the information that shows there currently enough?



We would also like to have this feature implemented in Royal Server for the same reasons. +1 vote!

Hi Michael,

the information shown and logged from Royal TS to Event Log is enough for our needs.


thx for your answer. what exactly would you need additionally?




What i am looking for exactly is a way to send all the loggs from the clients to the royal TS server for easy aggregation off all logs so that you can see who has done what.

For example who edited a connection at what time, and which person connected to a server at a specific time. This should work when working towards a document centrally stored on the Royal TS server.

Example of proposed output from connection to server:

"user dialect\tejo connected to server BananaServer via RDP at 14:00:00 16-03-2018"

Example of proposed output from editing a connection:

"user dialect\tejo edited the password of Bri_adsrv01 at 14:00:00 16-03-2018"

The above mentioned should also logg when changing the password on a folder

The information that is logged to file is enough :)

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